Getting Sponsored – The art of attracting sponsors

Attracting sponsors is more than just looking for donations from the business community

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The commercial reality

Sponsorship is a commercial agreement entered into by two parties for mutual benefit. The Sponsor (the one paying the money) and the Sponsored (the one receiving the money) do so with the understanding that there will be significant benefits for the effort exerted.Attracting Sponsors The Sponsor will provide something of value in return for an increase in business exposure and ultimately profit. Sponsors are looking to be able to leverage their business off the back of your efforts. In return they provide you with the funding need to perform to the level you need to meet the expectation. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an individual or an organization, having a value proposition will help you attract sponsors.

What value can you add?

Many of the big sporting or corporate brands know the answer to this question, but unfortunately many of the smaller organizations are missing this major component of their business. Most organizations have a

  • members list and
  • a website, and consider that having a list of sponsors on their website and sending an email to their members is the best they can do for their sponsors.

The power for you is what you do with what you have and is there anything else you can bring to the table. There is so much more you can do to attract sponsorship money. Local businesses are always looking for better ways to get their message out to prospective customers because there is so much competition in the market place and the traditional methods of advertising are being superseded by online search and social media.

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There is so much else you can offer. But first you must know

  • who your demographic is
  • what reach you have
  • how many people visit your website and what they are searching for to find you.
  • what is your unique selling proposition.

Finding the right sponsor makes it easy to add value

The importance of finding the right sponsors is critical. This statement makes it even more important to know who you are and what you can offer a potential sponsor. Once you know who you are as an organization or an individual and what you stand for, then and only then you can go and find businesses who have the same values. This makes the relationship much easier to manage and it will blossom naturally in the knowledge that what is right for you will also be right for your sponsor. To give you an example, you wouldn’t have a kids scout group sponsored by a beer company. Just not a good match, even though a lot of scouts parents might enjoy a beer.

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